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The people who come in the store said that my internet customers get cheated because they don't get to hear all my little stories.  If I have any new ones I will put them here to share with my internet customers.  My latest adventure was finding a rabid bat.  When I took it to get tested the scientist said it was a big brown bat, and that I packed it well (scary huh) .  I guess I can put that on my resume.  He said it was rare for this type to be rabid (1 in 20 to be exact).   They had 9 bats from my county tested that week and mine was the only one that was rabid.   I have a kitten that a good friend of mine gave me for my birthday.  The kitten had all its shots but he was too young to have the rabies shot.  I had him out on a leash that day and he was able to reach the bat.   Poor Max he is out of quarantine and went to get neutered.  I got a call from the vet saying Max was doing well but .....Max is a Maxine.  The poor baby has been a girl the whole time.  She was seen by 3 different vets and they all thought she was a he.  I'm going to have to send Max for kitty therapy now.  I am sure she has issues after all this.Update on Max she has a yellow kitty in the neighborhood who just ticks her off.  She makes all kinds of noises at it and puffs up like a blow fish. 

 Goodbye 2010.  Not one of my favorite years.  I lost a good friend, my Mom and my Godmother so it wouldn't take much for 2011 to be a better year for me.  Business wise 2010 was a challenge.  We were told it would be fixed in the 1st quarter so lets hope so.  Thank you to all our loyal customers past and present.  I wish you peace, health and prosperity for the upcoming year. 

Goodbye 2011.  Not one of my favorite years, Our little town was hit by a tornado, torrential rains, earthquake, mudslidesand a hurricane.  We live in an area of blizzards and snow.  We can handle that the others not so well.  Our prayers go out to all the people who's lives have been forever changed.  May God give you the strength to rebuild your lives better than before.

January 5,2012 Rip Carmella Frank my 2nd Mom. You taught us all the meaning of family and unconditional love. You bore all the pain and suffering with strength and dignity. The world was a better place because of you, and now heaven has another angel to watch over us. Love and miss you always until we meet again.

Goodbye January 2012....What a winter .  A dusting of snice on the ground ( snow and ice equals snice.  The koi pond still isn't froze over, I can't believe this is the great northeast.  Groundhog day is coming up, can't imagine 6 more weeks of winter but this has been one of the mildest I remember.  Business seems to be picking up, alot of our union guys say there is alot of work this year, so hopefully the worst is over.  Thank you to all our customers you are the reason we have been in business for 24 years and I appreciate each and every one of you.  Some of the regulars have become like family to me.

2013 is winding down.  We have had supply problems with Red Wing and Irish Setter to the point that it has been ridiculous.  Lets hope they get their act together for 2014.  This year my Son got married and my youngest daughter had a little boy.  This was a pretty good year in comparison to the last few years.  We continue to grow our business and have met more new people this year.

Welcome 2014. Brr its cold outside.  10-14 inches of snow today Jan 2 2014 and it was 1.5 degrees this morning.  Hope everyone had a great holiday.  Had a bobcat at the end of our deck Christmas day,It chased Maxine up the tree.  I had to go out and yell at it to get it to leave.   That was my excitement for the week. 
January 4 2014 Below zero temperatures and 14 inches of snow this week.  Hope you are staying warm.  Its going to be 30 tomorrow and then mixed Ice and snow yipee.  I must say its been great for boot sales.  We sold out the Rocky blizzard stalkers twice this year.

December 2015 Every year has new challanges. This year same old nonsense Vendors had horrific backorders on key styles, slow in shipping.  On the good news front the weather has been great. No snow yet and its December 8th.  It won't break my heart if I don't see snow until January.  Our prayers go out to all those who lost their lives this year to the mass shootings and terrorists.  A special thank you to all the service men and women who keep us safe here and abroad.