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Joanne Spragno Kowalczyk-owner

How The Shoe Factory came to be

The Shoe Factory is located on the corner of Cranes Hollow Rd and Rt 67 in Cranesville NY (a small village with a population of about 84).  Because of its tiny size, we are part of the town of Amsterdam which is located about 35 miles west of Albany NY, the state capital. 

 I started this business, in November of 1987, to be close to home for my three children and contribute to the family income. 

Stacey attended RPI, where she graduated with a bachelors in mathematics.  She then attended Siena, where she earned an accounting degree and is now employed at Experian as a database account manager.  She helped put alot of the items on the website.  Staceys son Riley just turned five in April.  He comes to help Grandma  once in a while and loves to charm the customers.  Sometimes he even gets a tip.

Melissa attended RPI and earned a bachelors in computer science and her MBA.  She is currently a computer programmer for NYS.  Melissa married George Weatherwax in August of 2010.  Henry Weatherwax was born in August 2013 our latest addition.

Ed Kowalczyk attended Siena College and earned a bachelors in history with a minor in philosophy.  He also attended the College of Saint Rose where he earned a dual masters in special education and elementary education. He is currently working as a mortgage broker and a director of the residence program at the Schectady YMCA.  Ed married Stef this September.  She is a welcome addition to the family.  

The kids are now young adults and no longer living at home.  "Empty nest syndrome" isn't fatal, I've actually gotten used to the kids not being home anymore.  We are still close and visit on the phone or in person regularly. was launched in December of 2003. I hope you enjoy your visit and feel free to e-mail any questions or comments to me directly.  Thanks for looking and as always I appreciate your business. Thank you for your patience and patronage, this has definitely been a learning experience.  Thank you to the satisified customers that wrote encouraging e-mails.  Most people don't hesitate to complain, but a note from someone telling you they are happy with your efforts is priceless.  Our customers are the reason we are here.  If you are happy with your purchase please tell a friend, If you are unhappy please tell me and I will try to fix the problem. 



The Shoe Factory is officially owned by S&J Enterprises of NY LLC.  (Joanne and Stacey)    

Joanne Kowalczyk
792 Cranes Hollow Rd
Amsterdam NY 12010
518 842-4888

Joanne Kowalczyk @